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REV. DR. JAMES "JIM" FOX - 2012 Talks

The Science of Mind Adventure

Rev. Dr. Jim produces a delightful weekly column which you can read in the newspaper or here. You can buy Rev. Dr. Jim's book:

And So It Is

at our Spiritual Awareness bookshop, or at many fine book stores.

And So It Is has 100 Spiritual Essays that were published in the Madera Tribune Newspaper. Through these writings, Dr. Jim shows us how, by living in harmony with ourselves, one another and nature, we can learn to follow our spirit within. Our sacred intuition, can lead us to a life filled with abundant peace, harmony, laughter and love.

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Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox
Has been doing a weekly column for about 10 years:

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2012 Talks:













We are doing our best to create a beautiful online archive as a legacy project for this Divine MInd.

We know that you will love exploring his writings as much as we have enjoyed his insights over the years.

Rev. Dr. Jim produces a delightful weekly column which you can read in the newspaper or here.

His weekly column can be read on his column page.

You can buy Rev. Dr. Jim's book:

And So It Is

at our Spiritual Awareness bookshop
or at many fine book stores


When exploring Jim's Weekly Column:

You will find that his main bio page has the years in the left column. Each year has its own "home" page which allows for you to find talks using the title of the talk.

But within the talks, in the left column, we find the talks linked to by date.

We will eventually add a "search" to the talks as that becomes feasible.

2012 Talks: The most recent will be at the top!

Your Intention Should Be Your Anchor- December 26

Forgive and You Shall Be Forgiven- December 19

The Storm Shall Pass; The Light Shall Shine- December 12

The Game of Life and How It Has Changed- December 06

The Things One Fears, Creates More Fear- November 29

The Thanks You Give Is the Thanks You Get, Multiplied- November 21

Man and Other Animals Show Feelings and Compassion- November 14

Turn Anger and Resentment Into Love and Compassion- November 07

All Man and Animals Needs Are Always There- October 31

Honesty: Divine Integrity Expressing Itself Through Man - October 24

Refuse To Get Discouraged - October 18

The Gift of Seeing and Feeling Creates A Life of Good - October 10

Compassion For Others Builds Character - October 03

An Umpire for the Game of Life- September 26

The Memory We Have Is One Of the Great Gifts - September 19

Compassion: An Expression of Love - September 12

The Soul Needs Spiritual Food - September 05

The Sun We Enjoy Is More Than Light - August 29nd

We Create The Freedom We Enjoy - August 22nd

Recognize the God Energy In All Life - August 15th

It All Starts With Imagination and Action - August 7th

Pay Attention To The Voice Within - July 25th

The Intuitive Voice - July 19th

Love Makes Our Personal World Go Around - July 12th

The Truth of Knowing, You Know Within - July 05th

Don’t Get Trapped In Your Own Web - June 28th

Your Good Starts Flowing After Forgiveness - June 17th

Follow Your Bliss, The Light Within Guides You - June 14th




















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