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Are all New Thought denominations or organizations the same?


New Thought is the overall term to describe our movement. Divine Science, Science of Mind, Mental Science and Christian New Thought are some of the generic terms used to describe particular approaches to these teachings. Perhaps we could use the term paths to describe the differences within these approaches. In the "ancient days of yore" we might have used the terms "sects", but in today's vernacular, "sect" has a bad connotation.

When examine the Science of Mind school of New Thought, there are at least three forms of this approach to New Thought. John Bascom, who wrote the first edition of Science of Mind in 1881, was a world reknowned philosopher of his time. Bascom articulated the New Thought concept of the "Unity of Mind and Matter" in the 19th Century. "Bascom taught that 'Physical forces throughout all time are permeated and carried forward by spiritual forces.' Bascom's idea that there is 'a system of laws which sustain one another and completely cover all the phenomena of the world,' was later echoed by Ernest Holmes in the opening of his pamphlet: Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing. Perhaps what makes Bascom timeless is his teaching that: 'Man is both created and creator. A creature of God, he is free to work with God from this time forth.' A concept later embodied in New Thought 'co-creation'".

Bascom's assertion that "The difference between saint and sinner is merely in the use and abuse of powers alike to all," was later reiterated by Ernest Holmes."

Science of Mind school was explored by a number of writers in the 19th Century and is still being explored today. One of the names that became associated with the Science of Mind approach to New Thought was Ernest Holmes who wrote his own version of this approach in 1927. Holmes' Science of Mind is a comprehensive book that summarized the approach of many of the earlier Science of Mind teachers in conjunction with Holmes' own insights, which share many principles with Bascom's Science of Mind but differ from Mary Baker Eddy's view of Science of Mind Healing.

Some people use the phrase Holmes' Science of Mind to describe the teaching that Holmes taught as distinct from Bascom's Science of Mind and other approaches to Science of Mind and the various schools of New Thought, Science of Mind is merely an approach to New Thought that is characterized by the combination of the Mental Science approach with Universal Spiritual Principles.

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Out of convenience this is often abbreviated to Science of Mind which is simply referring to New Thought, Divine Science and a form of Science of Mind which is similar to, although distinct from Bascom's Science of Mind, or Holmes Science of Mind, in that Science of Mind as a whole is a generic term referring to a particular approach in New Thought that has traditions going back at least as far back as the 19th Century.

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