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Is New Thought Christian?

Yes and no. New Thought teaches UNIVERSAL Principles common to all religions. 19th Century New Thought was predominantly but not exclusively rooted in Christian teachings. There were exceptions mainly from those teachers who were also part of the Free Thought movement. Annie Rix Militz, the founder of the first New Thought Denomination, Home of Truth published the first New Thought Tao, and Emma Curtis Hopkins was fond of citing ancient Greek teachers as well as the Vedas.

As New Thought flowered in the 20th Century, an exploration of "Jewish Science" by Morris Lichtenstien demonstrated that these principles are not simply Christian principles as previously espoused in the Christian Science tradition (which is distinct from New Thought). But New Thought is not an exclusively Judeo Christian tradition. In terms of Abrahamic traditions, New Thought teaches that humanity is co-creating with God, which is quite different from pre-determination or pre-destination. Later 20th Century mystics demonstrated these teachings are present within and teachable from a multitude of spiritual and religious traditions and viewpoints.

In certain Science of Mind organizations, some people wish to be "derived from a Christian tradition." Certainly both John Bascom, who wrote the original Science of Mind in 1881 and Ernest Holmes who wrote the final version of his Science of Mind with the help of Allison Maude Latham in 1938 both grew up in a Christian tradition. However, growing up in a Christian tradition should not be construed toward any particular conclusion.

Bascom was an internationally respected philosopher and Holmes was a prolific self educated reader who studied the world’s various religions and in the tradition of Bascom synthesized them into his own philosophy which is free of both dogma and ethics.

Today's Science of Mind / New Thought / Divine Science honors all compassionate spiritual paths, with the understanding that the root defintion of "New Thought" is NEW thought, thus it follows that every tradition that is filled with the Divine Spirit is in a process of Spiritual Evolution because the Divine is present all the time and constantly inspiriing and uplifting those who use the spiritual tools to open up to Spirit and then listen. Whether from one of the four Abrahamic streams, or one of the Buddhist, Vedic or Taoist streams or any of the other wonderful streams of spiritual teachings, New Thought is ever present, new with each moment while rooted in compassionate wisdom teachings.

There are universal principles that undergird all the world's spiritual paths. There is a unity underlying all existence.

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For many, the Christian Bible is the greatest book ever written. It certainly provides guidance to better living and is central to many New Thought paths. It is filled with powerful and compelling truths that have guided and continue to guide billions of lives.

The bible has a distinct and important place within New Thought and most if not all New Thought denominations teach Bible classes in one form or another.

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