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Is there a High Council of New Thought that controls all the various organizations, and keeps them "in line"?

No, there are many wonderful organizations New Thought, but there is no High Council that keeps everyone "in line"?

Although there are membership organizations that have loose histories that amble through changes in structure and paperwork dating all the way back to the 19th Century, there is no "High Council" or organization that guides the overall movement in any way.


Due to the very nature of New Thought which is inherent within the phrase NEW Thought, it would illogical to have a high council or a Nicean Council or other type of controlling party.

This does not stop misguided and ignorant individuals from attempting to create such councils, but they invariably fall by the wayside and vanish. This is because if one were to create a single approach to the New Thought movement, it would then be OLD Thought and a different New Thought ouside of this singular approach would manifest and the entire dialectic would begin again.

There will always be new voices in the New Thought movement. New people who either recycle old ideas or through the process of synthesis create new approaches to these Divine Principles.

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Perhaps you, or someone else, will read this and create another organization that will teach yet another wonderful approach to these principles

There is no High Council of New Thought giving guidance to anyone, but there are many wonderful organizations, denominations, local centers and national and international groups both independent and affiliated propogating their various forms and approaches.

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