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What is the role of meditation within DivineUnity?

DivineUnity encourages meditation as a spiritual practice because it strengthens our understanding of the power of our inner being and allows us to experience the unity of all life and our unity with God which is DivineUnity. By being still and quiet, we are able to hear the "wee voice" within. Meditation helps us to cultivate our intuition and strengthen other mystic abilities and spiritual attributes.

Meditation is an essential ingredient to personal spiritual evolution and transformation.

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DivineUnity teaches: "There are Tools which enable us to transform our consciousness by enabling us to direct our respective mindstreams. There are Seven Tools of Transformation which can be used to enable us to transform our thinking and thereby our lives and the world we live in. These tools are: i) The Word ii) Journaling; iii) Goal Setting/Planning; iv) Contemplation; v) Visualization; vi)Affirmative Prayer (sometimes called Spiritual Mind Treatment); vii) Meditation."

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