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Does New Thought believe in Jesus Christ?

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth (Yesua) was a compassionate man who walked the earth around 2000 years ago. Jesus was a Master Teacher and a great example of how to live the individual expression of God. In New Thought, the phrase “Christ Consciousness” is used to refer to a universal principle of God expressing through humanity. Jesus was the great example, given to us all, of fully living our divine potential, our “Christ Consciousness.”

There are a lot of erroneous ideas about Jesus beginning with his name which was in fact Yesua, or Joshua. The surviving Greek translation of the bible, the Septuagint, translated Joshua into a Greek equivalent, perhaps because it would be easier for them to pronounce. One can liken this to the French propensity to give people new names than their given name, because they believe then new "Francophied" names are better. Although, the name is different, it makes the name changer feel empowered through the imposition.

The most important difference between New Thought beliefs about Jesus Christ versus fundamentalist beliefs is that we belief Jesus Christ is an example not an exception.

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