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Is DivineUnity a “New Age” organization?

DivineUnity is a New Thought philosophy that teaches the 7 Tools of Transformation, sometimes called the Keys to Heaven. We believe in compassionate action and working together to create a more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous world for all beings.

Depending on which version of New Thought History, you prefer, contemporary New Thought tradition dates to the 1600's teachings of Anne Hutchinson, following an unfolding path through the teachings of Elihu Palmer, Thomas Paine and Jefferson, then through the Transcendentalist Movement of the 1830's followed by Phineas Quimby's exploration of Mesmerism and distance healing, then supported by some of Quimby's followers including the Dressers and then women who broke away from Mary Baker Eddy's separate tradition of Christian Science. New Thought has a long and winding history which is in fact still being uncovered today.

The roots of New Thought run deep through the various compassionate philosophical and spiritual traditions from around the world.

DivineUnity teachings are focused on the principle that change comes from within, or as we change our thought processes, we change our lives. We do not believe in external energies, or objects as being the key to personal and spiritual tranformation. Spiritual mastery is the result of the inward journey through the use of the 7 Tools of Transformation. We believe in God, the principle universal, Omnipresent power throughout the universe and that with God, through us, all things are possible.

We do not rely upon Astrology, Crystals, Ritual or other exterior objects, energies, forms, or ceremonies as essential to personal transformation or spiritual enlightenment. Since God flows through each of us and all of us and we have our being in God, we simply need to "seek the Kingdom within, and all that we need will manifest."

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