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Are there special days sacred to New Thought?

New Thought Holidays / Holy Days / Holy Daze include:

New Thought Day - August 23rd

New Thought Week - begins on August 23rd. New Thought Week runs from August 23rd to August 30th.

Christian New Thought Day - 1st Sunday in March

In DivineUnity Practices, sometimes called the 5 pillars of New Thought, number 5 is "Celebration / Gratitude - The law of celebration / gratitude teaches us that by being thankful and joyful about the good things that happens in our lives, more of these things will happen. We are giving back positive energy in return for the positive energy that is bestowed upon us. We develop an attitude of gratitude. Thoughtfulness/mindfulness is part of celebration. DivineUnity celebrations stand on two legs, Science & History. We universally celebrate according to the Solar calendar and individually according to the Lunar calendar (on a monthly basis). Weekly we celebrate on three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We believe it is wise to set aside these days for time with the family, time focusing inward and time with friends. Science tells that we should sleep well. The Dalai Lama says that "Sleep is the best meditation." Thus work should be structured to enable one to get the proper amount of sleep as determined by science. History is filled with wonderful celebrations by various cultures around the world for different reason.

We believe in celebrating all Holidays so long as those Holidays or Holy Days are not celebrations or commemorations of violence.

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Celebrate New Thought Day on August 23rd which kicks off New Thought Week!

Celebrate New Thought Day on August 23rd which kicks off New Thought Week!

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