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Does DivineUnity believe in reincarnation?

In New Thought, there are many views concerning the afterlife. While our primary focus is on this life and not on the afterlife, we recognize that for many souls, concepts of the afterlife are very important.

In DivineUnity, we believe in a process of Spiritual Evolution which includes reincarnation and feel it is best explained through the Bardo Thödröl / Tibetan Book of the Dead.

We believe it is possible to achieve volitional rebirth through mastery of the Higher Dharmas. Life is eternal and thus there are unlimited possibilities for evolvement after physical death, yet we feel the teachings of the Bardo Thardol support our respective journeys through life and death.

The Bardo Thödröl describes 6 Bardos. The Aro gTér describes 9 Bardos. We focus on four Bardos. the Bardo of Living, the Bardo of Dying, the Bardo of Dreaming and the Bardo of Becoming. Each of these Bardos is a state of consciousness, or mode of awareness.

When we achieve mastery, we are no longer living within duality and are embodying DivineUnity. By achieving mastery, through courage and living the principle of Compassionate Action, we are able to choose our next incarnation.

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