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What do the adherents of New Thought call God?

The first of the 7 beliefs of DivineUnity is: "We believe in the unity of all life and the unity of all life with the Divine Energy that is the root and fruit of all being."

In the first affirmation of DivineUnity Affirms, it is stated: "We affirm that there is one Energy, Universal Consciousness, Transcendent Cause, Being/Beingness, Love, Buddha Nature, which may also be called God/Goddess whose embrace is both universal and individual. That as we realize our DivineUnity with this energy we embody Compassion, Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Justice, Mercy, Truth, Power, Peace, Plenty and Joy."

In What We Teach Our Children: "We teach that God can be called Divine Being, Being, Buddha Nature, Divine Presence, Great Spirit, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Brahma, Higher Power, Christ, Love... The name we use for the Higher Power in our lives is not as important as the belief in an ever present force for good. God is Good-all Good-and we are all created in the image of God-Good."

The name we give to God, does not change God. The name we give to God, changes us.

The first DivineUnity principle is there is One Power:
There is one Creative Power (Being, Beingness, God, Spirit, Life, the Divine, Buddha Nature) which pulsates at the heart of all religions and transcends the specific, culturally-based beliefs and doctrines of any particular religion. Regardless of what name we use to describe this power, the power remains the same and the name merely transforms our perspective of this power.

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