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Foundations of Science of Mind

Reframe your thinking, recharge your life with practical, positive tools of Science of the Mind teachings.

Build an empowering spiritual practice while aligning your consciousness with the universal principles found within Science of Mind. Learn to effectively use meditation, affirmations and spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) and discover the means by which you can actualizes your personal potential in all areas. This course will literally change your thinking and change your life.

In this powerful 14 week course your new life will emerge as you --

  • Explore the basic teachings of New Thought / Science of Mind through the teachings of the Holmes' Brothers and various other New Thought pioneers.
  • Use the Core Concepts to align yourself with Divine while exploring your personal spiritual practice and thereby discovering the Power of the Presence within.
  • Learn and live a daily Spiritual Practice using time tested spiritual tools such as meditation and affirmations in your daily life.
  • Discover the Power of Prayer through the 5 Step Affirmative Prayer process / Spiritual Mind Treatment pioneered by Ernest Holmes.
  • Uncover and discard hidden beliefs, set yourself free.
  • Explore in a safe and caring environment.

This class includes a required Saturday workshop for class completion credit.

Length of class: 14 weeks plus 1 full Saturday workshop

Prerequisites: None
"Foundations" is a prerequisite for further credit in New Thought / Science of Mind Classes

Certified hours: 30

Text Books & Materials: Science of Mind - 1926 (the Original) - Ernest Holmes
--and other texts


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