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Self Mastery

When asked about the Way of Power, the great Mystics have responded: "The way of power is not the attempt to control others, but rather mastery of ones' self."

Sometimes people become confused about the way to great happiness, believing it is through others, or outside of themselves. In New Thought / Science of Mind, we know that "the Kingdom is within", and the way to actively realize what we want in our lives is through the path of Self Mastery.

In this class, we will build upon what we have learned in Foundations in order to tap into our innate abilities and unleash the power within through further exploration of spiritual tools available to us, and deepening our understanding of the core principles that underpin the teachings within the Divine Sciences.

Part of the Path to Personal Power is to "Let the Dead bury the Dead." This ancient teaching means to let go of the early patterns, emotional family dramas, situationally provoked anxieties created through early relationships and step into a new order of understanding. In short, if you have buttons that can be pushed, you will learn not only how to de-activate the buttons but how to discard them altogether.

Some call this a process of self-realization, others have said it is like being "born again" into the Holy Spirit. Still others say they have awakened to their Higher Consciousness or Buddha Nature.

We don't know what you will say, but we do know that you will be happy that you took this course.

Eight weeks to a new YOU -- beyond old beliefs and tired tales lie keys to your awakening through --

  • Discover how our individual nature and individuality provides each of us with a personal niche / place within the universe.
  • Realize that at every moment, you are a node upon the network of the Divine and that the Power is always present to you, Right NOW.
  • Learn to activate the law of Circulation through sharing gifts & accepting daily GOOD.
  • Learn to release hidden beliefs & past patterns.
  • Discover the dynamic truth that within your inner dimensions there are "Apps" which can help you to access the transformation you need.
  • Explore the I Am command system allowing for you to simply, easily and elegantly demonstrate a new YOU.
  • Open the door within, to that place where you can say: "I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul."

This class includes a required Saturday workshop for class completion credit.

Length of class: 8 weeks plus 1 full Saturday workshop

Prerequisites: None
"Foundations" is a prerequisite for further credit in New Thought / Science of Mind Classes

Certified hours: 45

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