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Devlopment of the New Testament

The Church "Fathers" selected 27 texts to be included in the Bible. These texts were chosen with the understanding that they would support the view of the emperor and the economic interests of the new empire.

The fusion of Paulinian Christianity with Mithraism was deemed by Constantine to be an essential ingredient in the forging of the New Empire. To this end, the capital of the old empire must be abandoned and then reseeded from afar.

These selections were formalized in the Second Council of Trullan of 692 and by then the Christians in Rome had been fully converted to the new orthodoxy of Constantinople.

Perhaps there is an innate human desire to systemize all things even if this means losing the most important part.

The damage done to original Christianity through the work of Constantine echoes throughout the world today. Some say that the majority of Christians today are in fact "faux Christians" meaning they are unwittingly practicing forms and outgrowths of Christianity which would be quite alien and unknown to both Yesua or his disciples.

Over 15 weeks you will explore --

  • Mithraist influences on the creation of today's Christianity
  • How elites use disinformation and "artifical mythology" to control subject matter.
  • The power of mythology to unveil the truth transgenerationally

Length of class: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: "The Complete Gospels"

Certified hours: 30

Text Books & Materials:

  • Selections from the works of Ernest Renan.
  • Selections from the works of Joseph Campbell


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