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New Thought History

There are some truly great minds that have contributed ot the history of New Thought. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thoreau are two such minds from the Transcendental movement. We also have the contributions of John Bascom and Henry Drummond, the latter's book Ascent of Man has echoed into the 21st Century in a series about Evolution and Spirituality. Englishman Thomas Troward grew up in India and provides New Thought with insights that include the Vedic wisdom as well as his personal delight in the Bible and speculations on the meaning of "the Chosen people".

But what exploration would be complete without looking at the work of the Deists which include Elihu Palmer, Thomas Paine and of course the 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson.

Women figure strongly in this history with some of the new scholars pointing out that the charges against Anne Hutchinson back in 1638 read like the teachings of today's Unity Movement.

We will also look at the contributions of "the castaways". This group of women who worked with non-New Thought Christian Science creator Mary Baker Eddy were tossed aside when their brilliant insights appeared to offer the possibility of another person eclipsing her heat. This included Ursula Gestefeld, Jane Yarnall and of course Emma Curtis Hopkins who later became known as the "Teacher of Teachers" because she invested so much time in many of the early 19th Century New Thought Leaders.

This is a journey through our history, which is a history that starts either in 1638 with Anne Hutchinson or in 1865 with Phineas Quimby, or perhaps in 1838 with his delivery of his "Divinity School Address" which upset the listeners when he put forth the idea that people did not need ministers, but more importantly and shockingly his contention that the miracles of Jesus were unimportant to his message.

Which one is the correct history?

This is ultimately going to be up to you to decide. In the meantime, we are going to have loads of fun as we explore and discuss the interesting topics.

This journey will take ten weeks for this class but you might find that like so many, it will be a delightful topic for years to come.

In this powerful 14 week course your new life will emerge as you --

  • Explore the basic teachings of New Thought / Science of Mind through the teachings of the Holmes' Brothers and various other New Thought pioneers.
  • Use the Core Concepts to align yourself with Divine while exploring your personal spiritual practice and thereby discovering the Power of the Presence within.
  • Learn and live a daily Spiritual Practice using time tested spiritual tools such as meditation and affirmations in your daily life.
  • Discover the Power of Prayer through the 5 Step Affirmative Prayer process / Spiritual Mind Treatment pioneered by Ernest Holmes.
  • Uncover and discard hidden beliefs, set yourself free.
  • Explore in a safe and caring environment.

This class includes a required Saturday workshop for class completion credit.

Length of class: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: "Foundations of Science of Mind"

Certified hours: 30

The Science of Mind ~ Ernest Holmes
Emerson's Essays - Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science - Thomas Troward
Scientific Christian Mental Practice - Emma Curtis Hopkins


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