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New Thought, Taoism & Confucianism

New Thought draws upon a myriad of spiritual traditions and religions from around the globe. How does Taoism fit within the cosmology of New Thought?

We will explore how to use the Tao within our personal cosmology and how to use it when we are teaching New Thought principles as well as in our role as Spiritual Counselors.

It is simple to understand that "The egg is easier to grasp than the flying bird..." but what follows the movement of the Tao within?

Over 90 days you will explore:

  • The various teachings of the Tao,
  • understanding the Yin and Yang,
  • and interpret each of the 81 poems that make up the Tao Te Ching,
  • write a paper about Taoism
  • learn how the first Emperor of China went off the deep end by drinking mercury believing it would help him live forever
  • Learn about the life of Lao Tzu

Length of class: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: "Foundations of Science of Mind"

Certified hours: 30

Text Books & Materials:

  • The Science of Mind ~ Ernest Holmes
  • How to Use the Science of Mind ~ Ernest Holmes
  • Ebell Lectures ~ Ernest Holmes


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