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Consciousness of Being

Embrace the understanding of the nature of your spiritual expression as a physical being. The interplay and creative connection between thought trend and physical experience. Learn the meaning of: "I am not my body but, my body images who I think I am."

The student will develop her/his understanding of the deeper significance of the personal definition of Spirit. Seeing the principle of a single Cause behind all creation, ever creating. A look at how the personal embodiment of our spiritual experience may change through a change in thought, or a change in our definition of God, or in our change in belief. The understanding that at the level of personal embodiment of that definition lies the self imposed limits of manifestation. Seeing the level of personal belief as a basis for success in affirmative prayer demonstration. Emotional motive force, the power behind prayer, a tool to be learned.

Developing a consciousness of greater alignment with Great Spirit is manifested with a greater release of our self definition leading to true self realization. The goal of this class is to provide the student with tools and point the way, in order to achieve the desired outcome however, the student must commit to the task of daily practicing what is learned.

In 8 weeks of study in the Consciousness of Being, you will explore:

  • Perspective: Define the relation between the Absolute and the Relative.
  • Realization: Within each of us is an innate intelligence that is the divine urge to wholeness and truth.
  • Focus: The intention of our consciousness brings the reality of our life. The things my thoughts have become and why.
  • Conscious Living: The responsibility of living with Truth as we relate to life. Recognizing our dependence of the relative and the power of affirmative prayer in moving to the consciousness of the Absolute.
  • Meditation: Mindfulness and silence in the awareness of the creative prayer. Establishing a routine of the daily practice of self realization.
  • Journal for Self Awareness: Self relating and self creating with power of Mind. Creating your self described story as a foundation for growth.
  • Attainment: Achieving a higher level of understanding of our personal oneness and experiencing the demonstration of integrating thought, physical expression and spirituality.

Length of class: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: "Foundations of Science of Mind"
Spiritual Practices is a prerequisite for Level Three classes

Certified hours: 30

Text Books & Materials:

  • The Law of Mind in Action by Fenwicke L. Holmes
  • Spiritual Experience by Malinda E. Cramer (Harmony Magazine 1894 - Vol. 7. No. 1)
  • The Atonement Understood; An Address Given Before the Boston Class of 1918 by Annie Rix Militz
  • Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year; James Allen
  • Spiritual Health and Healing edited by Horatio W. Dresser Ph.D. - 1922
  • Science of Mind 1926 (The Original); Ernest Holmes


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