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Meditation - an essential practice

Let go and let God. Meditation enables us to listen to and then calm the inner stream of consciousness. This allows for us to let go of the "why" and enbrace the truth of our oneness with the Divine. There are many forms of meditation. The "mother of all meditation" is focusing on breath. This ancient technique goes back to the dawn of human consciousness. As we hunt, or seek to avoid predators, we become aware of our breathing. Explore the various processes of meditation and discover the types that you prefer. Along the way, we will also explode the myths associated with meditation while springing over the hindrances that some people initially feel are barriers to effective practice. Meditation is potent practice used by astronauts, scientists and top performers in all fields. There is a good reason for this. You will discover the power of meditation and thereby be able to use it in your life.

In 10 weeks, you will:

  • Release the belief of "I Can't Meditate"
  • Learn about the mind body connection
  • Understand the different between allowing versus directing
  • Find techniques that work for you
  • Commune with God in a more personal way
  • Grow mentally and spiritually from experience


Length of class: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: "Foundations of Science of Mind"
Spiritual Practices is a prerequisite for Level Three classes

Certified hours: 30

Text Books & Materials:

  • Workbook Provided


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