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As we open to the truth of our DivineUnity, we begin to transform. In knowing our oneness with other beings and our relation to all life, we are able to embody more compassion.

Great Spirit flows through all things, all times and thus through everyone one of us. That which is lost such as health is found and that which is not real such as illness vanishes.

We feel a wave of Peace moving through our being, washing away all that is not needed and leaving only Good. As we relax into the truth of our Good. We realize that it is diviine and we are enfolded within divine. We can feel the rejuvenation of body and soul.

We do not need to understand this peace, for it surpasses understanding. It just is. It is being. It is the root of our higher nature.

We give thanks for this and let go and let God.

And so it is! 

~Rev. Dr. Steve Walling

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